Spartanburg South Carolina Shopping

I bought my mattress from Mattress Company on Saturday, September 3 and planned to get it delivered. I called the store in Spartanburg, SC twice and learned that the mattress was on a truck and that they were using an independent supplier for the delivery and there was no way to contact them to give me an updated delivery time. The next day I was called back to the shops where I bought the mattresses and the seller was unable to get to them.

Robert managed to get my financial firm to transfer my funds to a mattress company and I paid a fee to the recipient to track my purchase. Robert helped me take advantage of a special offer they offered for purchases of adjustable beds ($500 + mattresses) and provided my wife with very informative information and led me to what seemed to be the perfect mattress set. Next time I need a bed (and possibly pillows and sheets) and ask Sara if she can drop by the mattress company.

I must commend Robert for his customer service, as he is a real asset to the company and I am very impressed by the quality of their products.

Mrs. Pam was extremely helpful and likeable and was rated 5 out of 5 points by Cee Cees 1.0 for her quick and high quality help. She was very well informed about the different types of beds, answered all my questions and finally got the bed I recommended, and at a great price. My husband hesitated, but I took it home and didn't sit down and lie to him at first. He just told me how to sleep and that I needed a certain way and then explained how it would be a mistake.

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