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The Big South Conference announced today that it has added USC-Upstate as a member of its "Spartan Safe Start" plan, which still requires approval by the USC Board of Trustees. The Spartan Safe Startup Plan has been posted on the university's website and is regularly updated and shared with members of the campus community. As leading scientists continue to study data and trends related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the University of South Carolina Up has announced the creation of a "Safe Start Plan" for its students and faculty.

MSU will open the promotion in Troy on Friday, March 6, and fans can follow the action via an available link on USC - Upstate is located in downtown Spartanburg, South Carolina, home to the University of South Dakota, the South Atlantic Conference and the Big South Conference. The Longwood Lancers play their first NCAA Division I football game against the New Orleans Saints on Saturday, February 28, 2016.

The campus is located in the thriving metropolis of Upstate, South Carolina, and is now attended by over 5,500 students per semester. The student body has grown by leaps and bounds and the campus continues to grow, with more than 1,000 new faculty and staff members per year. It is one of the largest accredited four-year schools in North Carolina and a member of both the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and the American Council for the Advancement of Science (ACAS). The Carolinas are home to the University of South Dakota, the South Atlantic Conference and all three Big South Conference schools.

US Upstate strives to prepare its students to participate in a knowledge-based society, pursue their chosen careers, and learn throughout their lives. With a campus - a broad heart for service - USC thrives on students applying their classroom learning to real-world problems around them.

The university is therefore a major driver of social and economic development, and USC Upstate is committed to meeting regional and state labor needs. Located in one of the state's fastest growing regions, it is dedicated to developing a strong, diverse workforce for South Carolina's economy. The university is thus an important driver of social and economic development. With more than 1,000 students and doctoral candidates, and more than 2,500 faculty and staff, USC Upstate has been committed to meeting regional, state, and human resources requirements for decades. With more than 3,200 undergraduate students, more than 2,300 faculty members and more than 2.5 million employees, Up is committed to meeting the needs of regional or state workers.

In addition to programs that prepare graduates to take on leadership roles in businesses and their communities, USC Upstate is committed to meeting regional and state labor needs by working to implement new programs that will help the region prosper. Students are seeking technical certificates and a degree as staff, some of whom are transferred. You have the possibility to Courses in a variety of fields including computer science, engineering, mathematics, economics and social sciences.

With more than 90 student organizations, including 12 student associations and sororities, USC Upstate students can explore an almost endless range of interests, hone their leadership skills, forge lasting friendships, and engage in diverse cultural activities. Nearly 30,000 graduates have graduated from the university, and about 85 percent have chosen to stay in the university to build their lives and careers, making it one of the largest and most diverse universities in the state. The University of South Carolina Up State has a long history of academic excellence, with the primary goal of developing a diverse and diverse community of students, faculty and staff with a diverse and vibrant cultural activity and a strong sense of community.

USC Upstate also named 12 students - athletes who all earned - as its player of the year. Since becoming a full member of Division I in 2011, Up State has won four conference titles, three Big South Conference championships and two NCAA Division II championships.

But South Carolina Upstate was more competitive against stronger teams, is much better defensively and has played better defense than Longwood. Add that up, USC State offers a learning experience that is hard to achieve, and we've been more competitive this season against better competition.

Of the seven universities and colleges that make up UCG, USC Upstate is the largest participant with more than 1,200 students at the College of Arts and Sciences. We promote academic enrichment and achievement by offering excellent courses and opportunities for academically advanced students. Library students have access to the largest collection of books, journals and other materials available in South Carolina, as well as our library, which opened in 1968 and now offers over 2,000 books on a wide range of subjects including history, literature, science, history of science and technology, and humanities. Jr. Distinguished Lecture Series, which brings the world of knowledge and theory closer to students, faculty, staff and the surrounding community through a variety of lectures, workshops, seminars and events.

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